ZIMAT 3: Tourism, Investment Model, Rural Development and Financial Services UPPs Cluster

July 17th, 2018

Words by Tendai Murisa

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Politics and Public Policy


Analysis of the various parties’ manifestos provides some indication of similarities of areas of focus and pledges made by the parties to the electorate, but in all that space of potential opportunities for engaging voters are attempts at differentiating propositions that are unique to each party. The question is whether these unique proposition points (UPPs) speak to the needs of the electorate and whether they are reflective of the dynamics of the voters’ demographics and challenges which an incoming government would need to address. Thus, a more micro-review of the intended ‘unique blue ocean opportunities for differentiation outside the common ‘established red ocean areas of opportunities’ is useful in further separating the various parties ‘supposed unique propositions to the electorate.’ This is particularly important given the fact that our overview has already indicated a high level of similarities in the broad pledges made by the parties. We can only address this by identifying potential unique propositions for various clusters covered by the Manifesto analysis.


Overview of UPP Focus by Parties

A summary overview of the parties’ unique proposition points in figure 1  indicates that all the five parties drafted UPPs targeted at addressing challenges in  mining, land & agrarian reforms, infrastructure and overall economic model. Only two parties positioned their UPPs around manufacturing, informal sector and employment.  Interestingly there is no explicit coverage of social services oriented UPPs although some of these could be integrated into other UPPs in areas such as infrastructure development. Although one would expect some explicit UPPs to reinforce the parties’ pledges in areas such as education and health and general social well-being of the voters.

Summary Commentary

Only three parties have focused on UPs that address an issue that is key to voters. Variations of some UPs have been outlined although these lack detail e.g. APA and ZANU Pf. The MDC Alliance’s propositions have a wider base for creating potential unoccupied blue ocean opportunities for differentiation although there is limited detail

UPP Review

This is one area where parties should have used articulation of UPs to distinguish themselves in addressing an issue which is pertinent to voters’ day to day lives.

Summary Commentary

Only three parties have focused on UPs that address an issue that affects how most of their commitments will be met. ZANU PF and the MDC Alliance outline

UPP Review

There is little clarity on how funds will be raised to undertake the huge commitments made.

Summary Commentary

Parties that have tried to develop UPPs for rural development have focused on the broad emotional appeal focus of urbanization of the rural areas.

UPP Review

UPPs for rural development that have been used could have been more specific in terms of identifying niche opportunities that speak to the needs of the different groups of voters in these areas, thereby avoiding treating rural areas as one homogenous group with similar needs.