About the Position

We have a fantastic opportunity for a suitably qualified and experience candidate to fill up a position that has arisen within our organisation.  We are looking for a capable leader who will contribute towards helping us build a more inclusive society by growing entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe.


Reports to: Head of Programs/Executive Director

Location: Harare

Direct Reports: Associates & Interns

Key Internal Stakeholders: Executive Management Team and all Administrative Staff

Key External Stakeholders: Funding Partners, Collaborating Partners & Consultants


The Coordinator will manage and lead the organisation’s work in the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The goal of the centre is to enhance the entrepreneurship landscape in Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the centre are to:

  1. To develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset approach for entrepreneurs through provision of practical entrepreneurial training which utilises integrated technology platforms
  2. To be the go-to one-stop portal for entrepreneurial resources and networking opportunities that will enhance creation and expansion of enterprises as an agent for meaningful changing of livelihoods
  3. To harness/provide a supportive environment for the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in Zimbabwe.

Broad Key Overarching Roles

Work with the Executive director to implement and enhance the Victorious Companies Entrepreneurship Initiative, which is the Centre’s Flagship programme through:

  • Strategic implementation of the programme for the establishment of a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem to support entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe, as set out in the roadmap for the programme
  • Provide strategic input to the Executive Director on on-going programme review and improvement
  • Design innovative models/platforms to support the implementation of the blended training approach that will be used for the programme.
  • Identify, work with and manage external partners such as facilitators and mentor entrepreneurs who are central to the programme’s successful implementation
  • Design research initiatives and lead the process of producing the State of Entrepreneurship and Small Business report on Zimbabwe on an annual basis


  • Program Design
  • Work with the Executive Director to design the School of Entrepreneurship
  • Conduct research on key emerging entrepreneurship formats (e.g. social entrepreneurship) and catalogue them; and document their impact/effectiveness and support existing and new initiatives to adopt new models.
  • Proactively identify new trends, actors in the entrepreneurship and small business spaces and partner with them in a technical support capacity and mobilize them to be part of an alliance for Policy Advocacy.
  • Work with the Executive Director and Finance Officer to develop a sustainable entrepreneurship model for the organisation.
  • Coordinate the activities for the School of Entrepreneurship amongst which will include the planning and delivery of the yearly Entrepreneurship Training, running post-training follow up activities with training participants, as well as undertaking monitoring and evaluation of training activities to assess impact of the training.
  • Manage and continuously update the Entrepreneurship Portal
  • Manage the impact investment initiative
  • Design and support an innovative policy advocacy process to lobby for a clear policy differentiation of small business policy and entrepreneurship policy in across Zimbabwe
  • Serve as a knowledge resources hub of information on entrepreneurship and general micro and small business enterprise sectors.


  • Leadership: demonstrate creativity in leadership by rallying all internal stakeholders around the key goals and objectives of the organisation
  • Strategic Mindedness: Must demonstrate a keen awareness of contextual changes (demographic, socio-economic, socio-political etc.) and use the contextual knowledge and data to provide relevant technical support and advocacy to enhance prospects for the achievement of the goals of the centre.
  • Negotiation and Collaboration: Must be able to negotiate relations in a highly complex institutional context, co-operating with multiple other stakeholders.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of this role. This manager must be effective in persuading and influencing multiple audiences in both informal and formal settings.


  • Education: A post-graduate degree in Business Studies and or Social Sciences, with a strong focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business Management.
  • Extensive knowledge of trends and developments in entrepreneurship and small business management areas
  • Experience working with online training platforms and facilitating professional training
  • Private sector experience would be useful.
  • Specific work experience: at least 3 years


  • Be curious, innovative and willing to explore new models of work, approaches to entrepreneurship
  • Take individual and collective leadership responsibility
  • Be willing and ready to play a key advisory role with strong listening skills
  • Strive for excellence, professionalism and high-performance levels
  • Acknowledge diversity and leverage it well
  • Recognize that our country is dynamic and ever changing and be keenly aware of those changes.

Interested? Send applications to work@sivioinstitute.net no later than the 12th of January 2020.


We are an independent regional organisation. Our work is focused on enhancing possibilities of an inclusive society that is characterized by citizen led pro-poor development approaches and functional democratic systems that are open to all.

Our work seeks to contribute towards; (i) improved performance of public policy in the achievement of pro-poor and inclusive transformation; (ii) leveraging local assets through improving platforms of local and national giving and (iii) working towards an enhancing entrepreneurship as a critical pillar for sustainable development. SIVIO Institute has three centres of work focused on; (i) policy analysis and advocacy; (ii) entrepreneurship and financial inclusion and (iii) philanthropy and communities.