New Dispensation - Bravado Incoherencies and Costly Blunders

This report provides a detailed sector-based analysis of the performance of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government after one year in office on the data generated by the platform;  It measures two phenomena; the pace at which government is implementing the 240 promises it made during the elections and the comprehensiveness of the measures being adopted.

National Baseline Survey of Citizens Perspectives and Expectations on the Second Republic (Feb 2019)

This report provides insights into a survey questionnaire administered across the country in which SIVIO examined the extent to which citizens are aware of central and local government programmes and their perceptions of the same. It also highlights the fact that citizens have interests and aspirations that could either be aligned or misaligned with government actions.

Report on The Second Republic's First Year_Page_01

Report on the First Year of The Second Republic

The report is focused on analysing the actual performance of government based on tracking promises and actions taken. In the process, we are building upon our hypothesis which states that ‘the new Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) is long on promises and short on delivery.'

The 100 Day Report on The New Government: A Citizens' Perspective (Mar 2018)

The Citizens’ Report on the new government’s first 100 days is an independent effort to objectively track their initial performance and provide a perspective from citizens on what has been achieved. It also seeks to inform government on the aspirations and desires of the people.