Welcome to the SIVIO Institute Online Training School 2023

At SIVIO we are committed to continuous learning and improvement. To this end, we are re-launching our online training schools. To date, there are three (3) courses which align with our Centres of work.

Centres & Schools

Our school is now open for 2023. Choose one of the course options that aligns with your work.


Current courses

Introduction to Civic Engagement

What you will learn

interlocking hands

This course pays close attention to the civil society terrain in Africa in a bid to improve the effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations missions and contribute towards improved governance and democracy. The modules take a particular focus on how governments operate and ways of enhancing civic engagement to ensure development and democratic outcomes. Those keen to nurture their understanding of civic engagement as an approach to public problem solving will find this course very useful, especially for those who have no public policy analysis background.

The 7 Modules covered in the course are:


1.   Introduction to Civil Society Organisations

2.   Civic Engagement and Agency

3.   Strategy

4.   Resource Mobilisation

5.   Introduction to Policy Advocacy

6.   Introduction to Policy Analysis

7.   Research for Policy Analysis

Civic Engagement Course

Introduction to Principles of Entrepreneurship

What you will learn

Entreprenuership 3

The Introduction to Principles of Entrepreneurship course will give you the fundamentals of starting and or growing a business. Although created for an African audience, the content applies anywhere since these are basic principles of entrepreneurship such as opportunity identification, value creation, creative resource mobilisation and financial management. The course is targeted at career change professionals, school leavers and retirees or anyone who is looking achieve their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

The 6 Modules covered in the course are:


1.   Introduction to Entrepreneurship

2.   Identifying money making opportunities in Africa

3.   Funding your African Start-up

4.   Making you product stand out: Value creation

5.   Financial management

6.   Designing your business for impact


School for Sustainable Civil Society Organisations/Non-Profits

What you will learn


The course introduces you to the exploration of the world of Philanthropy in the African context and Civil Society Organisations as well as running a sustainable non-profit entity. The course also equips you with skills and knowledge for improving organisational strategy and governance issues as well as resource mobilisation beyond money for a resilient Civil Society Organisation. The course provides engaging content and exciting short quizzes to help with content retention.

The 5 Modules covered in the course are:


1.   Introduction to African Philanthropy

2.   Governance, Structures and Processes in Civil Society Organisations

3.  Resource Mobilisation

4.   Strategy

5.   Collaboration

Sustainable CSO