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Welcome to the Political Economy Master Class 2021, hosted by Gateway Zimbabwe in partnership with Citizen's Manifesto, ZIMCODD, LEDRIZ and SIVIO Institute. This is a fully online course with materials hosted on this website with interactive sessions on ZOOM. We have put together faculty from academia and civic society in a bid to promote a comprehensive understanding of the social impact of economic policy. This course is designed for civil society based community organisers, activists and actors interested in public policy and development.

The course will address pertinent questions about the situation in Zimbabwe as it applies to aspects of the economy, governance, and the social policy. It also examines the extent to which Zimbabwe has been affected by the international financial and political system.  The PEMC is a one-of-a-kind assembly of academia and activists to discuss politics, governance, resource allocation, community mobilisation, and the influence of the technological environment on civic participation.

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